A partial list of DADA Productions

“Why I’ve Never Read in Public,” Naropa Winter Arts Fesitival, Boulder, CO., March 7, 1981.

Improvised BA Graduation Speech, Naropa University, Boulder, CO., April, 1984.

In the Alley Sidewalk Reading, The Other Store/Tattered Cover, Denver, CO., June 24, 1985.

William Burroughs Conference, with William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Ted Morgan, and Eric Mottram, for Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO., July 22-29, 1985.

One World Poetry Festival, for Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO., August 4-11, 1985.

Valentine’s Day Reading, performance of “I’ve Lost My Penny Dreadful,” Naropa University, Boulder, CO. February 14, 1986.

Improvised MFA Graduation Speech, Naropa University, Boulder, CO., April 1991.

Performance of lecture on Bob Dylan: Letting Your Heart Break in Public: This Tape Must Be Blank Too, Naropa University, Boulder, CO., Summer 1993.

“Ekphrasis & Cathexis,” with Kai Sibley (visual art) and Barbara Jean Slopey (American Sign Language), Penny Lane, Boulder, CO., January 23, 1996

Dada Festival, Penny Lane, Boulder, CO., February 19, 1996.

Louis Zukofsky’s A24: A performance by Lee Ann Brown, Ethelyn Friend, Tom Peters, Randy Roark, with Chris Jones on piano, Penny Lane, Boulder, CO., June 24, 1996.

Larry Eigner Memorial Reading, Penny Lane, Boulder, CO. August 5, 1996

“Awakening Osiris,” for Selva Editions Benefit, January 6, 1997. A Joycelebration: Bloomsday Reading, Boulder Book Store, June 16, 1997.

Philip Whalen: Sensei, with Kai Sibley, sponsored by The Museum of American Poetics, Boulder Book Store, December 9, 1997.

Bernadette Mayer’s Midwinter Day, a community reading, Penny Lane, December 22nd, 1997.

Awakening Osiris book release, Naropa University, Boulder, CO., January 9, 1998.

World Poetry Bout Association, performance of “Ekphrasis” with Kai Sibley, Caffe Tazza, Taos, New Mexico, January 17, 1998

Catullus to Lesbia: Simultaneous reading of the Latin poems of Catullus along with Zukofsky’s sound translations, with Kai Sibley, Penny Lane, February 16th, 1998.

Tom Peters Surprise Birthday Reading, co-produced with Todd Pinney, Penny Lane, Boulder, CO., March 2, 1998.

Federico Garcia Lorca: Poema, the third night of Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art’s Lorca Centenary celebration, produced by Judy Hussie-Taylor, June 21, 1998.

80th Anniversary Celebration of Russian Avant-Garde Poetry from the Stray Dog Café, Penny Lane, November 17, 1998.

The Stan Brakhage Film Festival, including:

1. Presentation of City of Boulder’s “Stan Brakhage Day” award, Penny Lane, Boulder (along with readings, music, and film to celebrate Stan Brakhage), January 11th, 1999

2. Stan Brakhage interviewed by Joel Haertling, CATV 54, Boulder, Colorado, January 12th, 1999

3. Stan Brakhage Film Festival, CATV 54, Boulder, Colorado, January 13th, 1999

4. 23 Films from 1954 to 1994, selected by Joel Haertling. January 15- 16th, 1999, Boulder Public Library Supported by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Assembly of Boulder.

5. Winner of “Westword” magazine’s “Art-Film Festival of the Year Award.”

Philip Whalen Festival, at the University of Colorado, Penny Lane, and the Boulder Book Store, filmed for CATV 54, May 2-4, 1999.

A Surrealist Party: on the 75th anniversary of Andre Breton’s
“First Surrealist Manifesto,” Penny Lane, Boulder, CO.
October 11, 1999

“Poetic Apprentice: Journals 1980-1983” with Kai Sibley
(visual art) and Laura Wright, Penny Lane, Boulder, CO. November 23, 1999

Twelfth Night, for the Arts and Humanities Assembly of Boulder, January 23, 2000.

A performance of “Footnote to Howl” onstage with the rave band burste at the Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO., September 12, 2000.

A Tribute to Anne Waldman, with Kai Sibley, The Bug Performance & Media Art Center, Denver, CO. October 21, 2000

“Hymns,” book release, with Kai Sibley, Penny Lane, Boulder, CO. November 20, 2000.

“Hymns” and “Ekphrasis,” with Kai Sibley, Rocky Mountain Book Festival, Denver, CO. March 4, 2001.

“Putting Dylan’s Christian Period in Social and Autobiographical Context”-presentation at the Bob Dylan at 60 tribute hosted by the Mizel Arts Center at the Jewish Community Center, Denver, Colorado, June 28, 2001.

Performance of “A Map of the World,” International Congress, University of Aarhus, Denmark, December 4, 2001-cancelled because of the terrorist attacks in the U.S.

“The Ballad of William Blake” featuring slides by Kai Sibley, as a fundraiser for the Naropa Archive Project, Penny Lane, Boulder, CO., February 7, 2002

“The Ballad of William Blake Part II” a different text and slide performance with Kai Sibley as part of a fundraiser for the Naropa Archive Project, Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO., March 19, 2002

Performance of “Mona Lisa’s Veil” at Boulder Book Store illustrated with slides by Kai Sibley, July 11, 2002

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