A Conversation with Anne Waldman, 1989-1990

Note: This is an rough, unedited version of an interview that was conducted over the winter of 1989/1990, and was printed in a different form in Disembodied Poetics (1995) and has recently been republished as the title piece of Anne Waldman’s Vow To Poetry (2001). Randy Roark: Can you remember deciding to be a poet?… Continue Reading »

Interview with Jane Siberry on “Hush,” June 28, 2000

Note: The first couple of minutes of this interview were lost due to engineer error (me). Randy Roark: There’s lullaby-ish qualities to the songs themselves as a whole, as a unit, as a CD. Jane Siberry: So there’s that too. That’s actually more of what I should probably say. You’re my first interview, Randy, so… Continue Reading »

Conversation with Tamra Spivey, November 2001

Randy Roark’s Mona Lisa’s Veil: Selected Poems 1979-2001 will be released in December 2001 by Baksun Books. Tamra Spivey is lead singer of Lucid Nation, an ever-changing ensemble who most recently included drummer Patty Schemel of Hole and bassist Greta Brinkman of Moby’s band. Tamra: I learned from your note about Kerouac and Ginsberg’s “practiced”… Continue Reading »

Interview with Jeffrey Side of “The Argotist,” United Kingdom, 2006

An Interview for “Argotist” Literary Magazine, United Kingdom, December, 2006 Jeffrey Side has had poetry published in various magazines such as Poetry Salzburg Review, and on poetry web sites such as Poethia, nthposition, eratio, Ancient Heart, Blazevox, P.F.S. Post, hutt, ken*again, and CybpherAnthology. He has reviewed poetry for New Hope International, Stride, Acumen, and Shearsman…. Continue Reading »

Randy on “Colorado Matters”

Click here to listen to Randy on “Colorado Matters” (Colorado Public Radio) speaking about the Naropa Audio Archive – 12,000 hours of recordings of teachers – established by Allen Ginsberg. Now in danger of audio degradation and eventual disintegration, hear how the archive is being rescued. Continue Reading »

Interview with Jim Cohn of the Museum of American Poetics, 2010

Randy Roark: Interview by Jim Cohn Randy Roark came to Boulder in November 1979 to apprentice with the poet Allen Ginsberg as he assembled his Collected Poems, and continued to work in various capacities with the poet until Ginsberg’s death in 1997. He has published over 40 volumes of original prose and poetry and art… Continue Reading »

Interviewed by Michael Limnios, Athens, Greece: Life Lessons from Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, and Philip Whalen, January 2013

Editor’s note: This piece was adapted from an original interview of our wandering poet-in-residence Randy Roark conducted by Michael Limnios of Athens, Greece, for his Mixalis series of interviews with the Beats and students of the Beats, January 18, 2013; embellished and illustrated for Newtopia’s 2nd anniversary issue. PRELUDE In 2003, I met performance artist… Continue Reading »

Interviewed by Kirpal Gordon, September 2014

Kirpal Gordon is the author of New York at Twilight; Round Earth, Open Sky; Go Ride the Music and Eros in Sanskrit with its companion CD, Speak-Spake-Spoke. Kirpal interviews artists and activists at http://giantstepspress.blogspot.com/, teaches college writing and ghostwrites nonfiction books. Visit www.KirpalG.com for more on his work and shows. KG: I want to ask… Continue Reading »