July 16, 2006, A History of Richard Thompson: Liner notes to a 5CD set

A History of Richard Thompson  CD1: A History of Fairport Convention: I don’t know the name of this song, but it’s obviously one of Ashley Hutchings’ “borrowings” from classic folk songs, in this case the Byrds’ “Renaissance Fayre.” I’m also not sure what year it’s from—I’m now thinking 1997, since it was recorded at Fairport’s… Continue Reading »

Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado, Spontaneous Talk on Allen Ginsberg, June 25, 2006

The following is a transcription of an impromptu talk given on the 50th anniversary of the publication of “Howl” at Naropa Institute. I’m an example of the apprenticeship program that Allen [Ginsberg] ran while he was here. It was a course that you could sign up for, you got credit for it, and met alone with Allen… Continue Reading »

On Publishing

On Publishing There was recently a panel discussion held on Publishing and the Poet at Naropa University. This is what I would have said if I was invited.   Publishing is a constant goal of any writer. For an unpublished author, the desire is often a substitute for something else—a desire to be “good enough”… Continue Reading »

A Trip to Greece and Cyprus: An Exploration of Sacredness, Oracles, and the Power of Drumming with Layne Redmond, May 2005

This is a workbook I created for the women drummers traveling to Greece and Cyrpus with Layne Redmond to perform rituals at sites sacred to Aphrodite and Dionysos. I’ve taken out most references to the 91 illustrations in the original workbook. A Trip to Greece and Cyprus: Exploration of Sacredness, Oracles, and the Power of Drumming with Layne… Continue Reading »

In Defense of Allen Ginsberg, American Poet

In Defense of Allen Ginsberg, American Poet I was in Cairo in the weeks before the first Gulf War. In the cafes five hundred miles from “the front,” the impending war was the only thing everyone was talking about. I spent most of my time with the locals who spoke English, and learned many things… Continue Reading »

The Convalescence Notebook, Part III, March 27, 2005

Although I thought when I finished “The True Story of My Convalescence” that I finally understood what was going on, the whole story turned on its head within days. When Michael’s reading spoke about the need to appease my father’s karma, I naturally assumed it was my dad. Over two days I spent a lot… Continue Reading »

The Convalescence Notebook, Part II, March 26, 2005

  This afternoon I went to see my doctor for the first time since I was discharged from the hospital a week ago. He asked me why I didn’t show up for my two previous appointments. I didn’t know I had any. I knew that before I left the hospital we had a meeting where… Continue Reading »

The Convalescence Notebook, Part I, March 22, 2005

The Importance of Wishing for the Right Thing On my first morning at the hospital, word began to spread that I’d been admitted and something was wrong with my neck. And the phone calls and e-mails and best wishes from friends began to arrive. People were praying for me, saying mantras for me, sending me… Continue Reading »

Istanbul, Turkey, “Collaboration and the Third Mind,” November 21, 2004

The following is an introduction I wrote to  “After Giselle,” collaborations between Katie Bowler and Randy Roark  If you are sitting alone in your room, the space in which your thoughts occur can be called your mind. Now this “mind” is, of course—whether we realize it or not—a mixture of dozens of other minds as well,… Continue Reading »

May 4, 2004 “Introduction” to Bernadette Mayer and Anne Waldman Live at Penny Lane 1989″

In 1989, Eleni Sikelianos, then a poetics student at Naropa Institute, created the Student Union for Ethnic Inclusion (SUEI), an organization whose purpose was to raise funds to provide scholarships in order to broaden the ethnic diversity at Naropa. She was also a vocal and popular activist for greater recognition and respect for the school’s… Continue Reading »