‘Poetic Apprentice’

“Two Stories on Apprenticing with Allen Ginsberg”

I had written a little poem and in my excitement had immediately made two copies, which I put into the mailboxes of Allen Ginsberg and Ted Berrigan, two of my teachers at Naropa in the spring of 1980. The next day I was over Allen’s house to work on some of his journals. He’d read… Continue Reading »

A Book That Changed My Life: Gregory Corso’s “Gasoline” Athenaeum Book Store, Amsterdam, Holland 16 01 13

I was invited by the Literary Activities Committee of the Athenaeum Book Store in Amsterdam to speak last night for ten minutes and take questions on a book that had changed my life. This is a slightly cleaned-up version of the talk that I gave. Because spontaneous poetics was so important to Allen and the… Continue Reading »