Coming Clean: The Jim Cohn-Randy Roark Correspondence February 1982-January 1987

300 pages June 1, 1992 3┬áCopies Continue Reading »

A Bob Dylan Workbook

Edited by Randy Roark Distributed for free to students of Naropa Institute’s Summer Writing Program 1993 July 21, 1993 50 copies 2nd printing 24 copies July 1, 1998 Continue Reading »

Bored with What I Already Know: Selected Prose and Poetry 1980-1990

47 pages June 1, 1994 24 Copies Continue Reading »

Ekphrasis and Cathexis

Given away for free at a reading of the text at Penny Lane. 15 pages January 23, 1995 24 copies Continue Reading »


November 1994-April 1995 19 pages May 1, 1995 36 copies Continue Reading »

Friction 8

July 1995 Limted edition of 115 $5.98 Photography and art by: Allen Ginsberg, Kai Sibley, Poetry by: Tom Clark, Jim Cohn, Jack Collom, Clark Coolidge, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jonathan Gill, Andrew Schelling, Chandler Sibley, Anne Waldman, Prose by: Cynthia Liuska Randy Roark Carl Solomon Continue Reading »

The European Notebook

Edited from “Dodo” 33 pages September 1, 1995 36 copies Continue Reading »

Friction 9

September 1995 Limited edition of 100 $5.98 Photography and art by: Ira Cohen, Allen Ginsberg, Ira Landgarten, Gerard Malanga, Kai Sibley, Poetry by: Andy Clausen, Ira Cohen, Jim Cohn, Jack Collom, Darrin Daniel, Diane di Prima, Larry Eigner, Gerard Malanga, Peter Orlovsky, Tom Peters, Randy Roark, Nina Zivancevic, Prose by: Fielding Dawson, Erica Scheidt Continue Reading »

A Shorter A

Edited by Randy Roark from Louis Zukofsky’s “A” November 20, 1995 30 pages 12 copies Given away for free to participants of a benefit reading for Friction magazine at Penny Lane. Continue Reading »

Violating Nearly Every Anti-Intellectual Property Law Dadaists (and other madmen) in (nearly) their own words

December 25, 1995 130 pages 16 copies in 3 printings Given away for free to participants in the DADA Festival at Penny Lane, February 19, 1996 Continue Reading »